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How do I change the language for my Xperia?

Can I add a new language to my Xperia device?


    The languages that are available on your Xperia device depends on the region or market in which the device is released, for example, some Chinese and Japanese variants do not come with certain languages. Available languages are found in the Language & input settings. 

    Tip: It is not possible to change the list of menu or writing languages preloaded in your Xperia device. However, as far as writing languages are concerned, you can search in Google Play for third-party apps that may provide you with a virtual keyboard featuring Arabic, Hebrew or Thai characters for typing. 


    To change the display language, you must access the language setting in the Settings menu. To navigate your way to this setting, you can identify and tap the relevant icon for each menu option or identify the relevant item by its position in a menu.

    Changing the device language

    Android 8.0 and later 

    To change the device language

    1. Find and tap Settings (a gear icon gear icon ) → System (a gears icon gear icon ) → Languages & input (a keyboard icon keyboard icon ) → Language (the first option in the menu).
    2. If the language you want to set is missing, tap Add a language and select the language from the list by tapping on it.
    3. Tap and hold on to the two / four horizontal lines to the right of the language you want to change to, and drag the item to the top of the list.

    Language_1           Language_2       Language_3

      Android 7 or older 

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