SX2000 Digital Voice Recorder SX Series

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Images of SX2000 Digital Voice Recorder SX Series
Images of SX2000 Digital Voice Recorder SX Series
Images of SX2000 Digital Voice Recorder SX Series
Images of SX2000 Digital Voice Recorder SX Series
Images of SX2000 Digital Voice Recorder SX Series
Images of SX2000 Digital Voice Recorder SX Series
Images of SX2000 Digital Voice Recorder SX Series
Perfect for music and meetings

Authentic recordings with 3-way microphone

Capture band sessions in faithful High-Resolution Audio. Record crystal clear conversations and business meetings. With adjustable microphones, this digital recorder reproduces every detail precisely.

High-Resolution Audio
The Way The Artists Truly Intended

Enjoy the subtlest nuances of studio-quality sound in higher than CD quality with High-Resolution Audio. Passion for music unites every component from signal to speaker so it feels like the artist is performing right in front of you.

Supreme sound, superior recording

Record and play with absolute precision. Capture songs and sessions in better than CD sound quality and enjoy everything you've recorded in High-Resolution Audio. 

Linear PCM recording
Linear PCM Recording 

Capture sound at up to 96KHz/24-bit, a serious step up from the 44.1KHz frequency and 16-bit rate of CD.

Free Lossless Audio Codec 

Enjoy lossless audio with the clarity and dynamics that the artist intended, with flac playback support.

S-Master HX
Authentic amplification 

The S-Master™ HX digital amp cuts distortion and noise across a wide range of frequencies.

Enjoy jaw-dropping sound quality

Like going from standard definition to HD video, High-Resolution Audio tracks are far higher quality than MP3s and even CDs, letting you hear every breath, every drumbeat, every note. Even better, the S-Master HX™ all-digital amplifier reduces potential distortion, ensuring you always get the full listening experience recorded in the studio.

High-Resolution Audio

3.2x more data transmitted

Sound recording, optimised

Fine-tune recordings with a 3-way adjustable microphone

Whether you’re recording a business meeting, band practice, or an event outdoors, sound is always optimised. The adjustable microphone can be angled any of three ways to match your environment and capture music or voices perfectly, and can even record in the fine detail of High-Resolution Audio. 

Zoom setting
Zoom for business

For small groups of people, such as business meetings or tutorials, the zoom setting captures conversations with optimum clarity so you’ll miss nothing. 

XY settings
XY for music

For solo performances or small band sessions, choose the XY setting with performers close to the microphone for natural  sound and depth. 

Wide stereo
Wide stereo for outdoors

For open spaces, outdoor events and conferences, the wide stereo setting captures a variety of different sounds, giving a sense of realism and spaciousness.

Control recordings wirelessly 

Easy smartphone control with REC Remote

Start and stop recordings, adjust levels and settings, and even add track marks, all using your smartphone. The REC Remote app, available on Google Play for Android or the App Store for iOS devices, lets you control your recorder from a distance over Bluetooth®.

Get the app
Boost your storage

With 16GB of built-in memory, you can record up to 636 hours of MP3 in LP mode. If you need more space, add a Micro SDHC or MicroSDXC card using the MicroSD slot. 

Easy control and connectivity
Easy control and connectivity
Plug and play

Don't waste time with cables. USB Direct lets you plug your voice recorder straight into a PC for easy transfer and storage of your recordings.

Specifications & Features

Record in superb High-Resolution Audio quality wherever you are. This 16GB digital recorder features adjustable microphones that can be angled to capture music or voices perfectly. You can even control the recording from your smartphone with the REC remote app.
  • Adjustable microphones capture more sound

  • 16GB memory gives you up to 636 hours of recording time

  • Control from your Bluetooth smartphone with the REC remote app

  • Capture in superb High-Resolution Audio quality

  • Add extra memory with the Micro SD card slot

Built-in Memory
Input and Output Terminals
External Input(Stereo mini-jack),Plugin Power Compatible Minimal Output level(Approx.1,5 mV), Headphone (Stereo Mini-Jack), USB connector(Type-A), CardSlot (micro SD)
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