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Win2k :How to cope with the hang-up of applications in Windows 2000

    How to cope with the hang-up of applications in Windows 2000

    Execute the following procedures.

    (Operational Procedures)

    1. Press the "Ctrl" + "Alt" + "Delete" keys to display the dialog box of "Windows Security".

    2. Click the "Task Manager" button in the dialog box of "Windows Security".

    3. The running application (task) appears in the "Task" column of the "Applications" tab. Select the application (task) that has "No response" in the "Status" column and click the "End task" button.

    If the computer does not reponse after some time, restart the computer. But please note that your work which have not been saved will be lost.

    Even if an application has hung up, Windows 2000 permits, in most cases, forced termination only of the hung up application without giving any impact to the entire system or other applications. In rare cases, the hang-up does affect the system in Windows 2000, which forces the system to shut down just as is the case with Windows98. But it should occur less frequently on Windows 2000 than on Windows98. In the unfavorable event that forced termination takes place on Windows 2000, scanning of the hard disk is automatically executed by the function of NTFS, instead of "Scandisk" that is usually performed in the case of Windows98.